Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Wed 22 February 2012


Oracle Database account unlocker

This is a simple procedure i created for unlocking user account and resetting the password to the original password, Although a very small utility it helps you with unlocking accounts that you tend to use after a long time which in my case were the SOA server and the BAM server user accounts. .. code-block:: sql

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE "SYS"."ACCOUNT_UNLOCKER" ( p_user in varchar2 ) is temp_password varchar2(255); begin select password into temp_password from sys.user$ where upper(name)=upper(p_user ); execute immediate 'alter user '||p_user||' account unlock ' ; execute immediate 'alter user '||p_user|| ' identified by values '''||temp_passw ord||''''; end;

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