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Ramandeep Singh Nanda

ADF querying the policy store

Earlier, I had covered an example here, which showed how to dynamically create users and map the application roles to enterprise groups. In this post, the sample application is extended to show how you can query the application roles from the application stripe(application specific policies). To query the application …

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

ADF Dynamic Query Performance Considerations

Recently, I noticed a poor implementation of dynamic query in our application environment.  As the query was complex and its where clauses were generated dynamically, the developer chose not to implement the bind variables.  Now, some of you will be aware of the disadvantages of not using bind variables, but …

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Driving security for ADF Essentials: Part 4

In this post i will share the security utility for performing operations on IAM Fortress applications using it’s java API’s. Use this utility only if you plan on having custom code to manage Fortress as fortress already provides a J2ee application to manage its policies. The code can …

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

ADF dynamically managing application policies

Recently a user contacted me with the requirement that he needed to assign enterprise groups to application roles dynamically. Normally, people can manage this through enterprise manager, but there might have been a specific requirement for that user.  I have already written various posts on ADF security which cover utility …

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Doing entity validations at runtime

I was recently given a requirement to drive the entity attribute validations at runtime rather than at design time, with the following criteria.

  1. Ability to change fields to required at runtime.
  2. To be able to define validation message for field at runtime
  3. Define validations such as field must be numeric …