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Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Android optimizing/tuning ListView

ListView is probably the most common android component, but it has to be implemented correctly to provide a  better user experience.

In this post, I will give a few suggestions on how you can achieve the near optimum list performance.  They are mentioned below:

  1. Access Data Incrementally:- Load only the ...

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Integrating Lucene with Android

If you want to integrate Lucene with your android application, this post will get you started.  Lucene provides you with a wide range of searching options  like  Fuzzy Search, wildcard search, etc.  So, you can use this in your android application, if you want to provide search option over your ...

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Android SearchView integration with a custom data provider


In the last post, I had explained how you can use Retrofit API to consume Feedly’s feed search API. In this post, I will cover the integration of a SearchView with the feed search API.

To integrate SearchView with the custom data source, you need to implement the following ...

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Retrofit: A Rest Client for android/java

Retrofit is a type-safe rest client for java/android that one can use for easily consuming rest services. It supports both synchronous and asynchronous retrieval. In this post, I will explain an example which shows how you can integrate it with your android application for consuming rest services asynchronously.  The ...

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Android: A short primer

Android has  a different paradigm for application development. So , In this post, I will  explain a few of those concepts (as I understand) that lie at its core.

  1. Cursor:  To draw parallels,  a cursor object is just like a ResultSet in JDBC. It is used for iterating over the underlying ...