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Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Java8: Decorating with Functional Programming and Generics

The Idea

Java 8 introduced functional programming support, this is a powerful feature which was missing from earlier versions. One of the benefits of functional programming is that it can be used to implement decorator pattern without the use of inheritance. One common requirement is to implement some kind of …

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Retrofit 2.0 Conditional Authentication

You might run into a scenario where you might require conditional authentication with Retrofit 2.0.

This post provides an example of integration with the Lyft API. In case of the Lyft API, first we need to authenticate with and query the oauth/token endpoint to obtain the OAUTH token …

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

ProGuard configuration for Retrofit

If you use ProGuard for obfuscating your code and happen to use Retrofit in your application, you will need to configure ProGuard to exclude certain Retrofit files from being obfuscated. Also you must note that if you are using GSON for conversion from JSON to POJO representation, you must ignore …

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Retrofit custom JSON deserializer

Retrofit uses Google’s gson libraries to deserialize JSON representation to Java object representation. Although, this deserialization process works for most of the cases, sometimes you would have to override the deserialization process to parse a part of the response or because you don’t have any clear object representation …

Ramandeep Singh Nanda

Android SearchView integration with a custom data provider


In the last post, I had explained how you can use Retrofit API to consume Feedly’s feed search API. In this post, I will cover the integration of a SearchView with the feed search API.

To integrate SearchView with the custom data source, you need to implement the following …